How to upgrade One Tailed Transformation in Anime Fighting Simulator X

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Think you've got your AFSX Roblox build all done and dusted? Think again. By learning how to upgrade the One Tailed Transformation in Anime Fighting Simulator X, you'll really be on your way to PVP domination for many patches to come. And with it on hand, you'll be able to carry a whole team through various boss encounters, helping to build up a veritable army of buddies to conquer the leaderboards with.

As with a number of aspects and mechanics needing more explanation than they actually get, we're going to go over how to upgrade one of the best abilities in the game. We'll even be sure to explain how to get it, where to get what you'll need to upgrade it, and who to see to get the job done.

How to get the One Tailed Transformation in Anime Fighting Simulator X

Technically known as the One Tailed Transformation (Half-form) in game, you're actually able to upgrade the ability into a better version of itself using a type of item you might have gotten at the same time.

For the uninitiated, the One Tailed Transformation (Half-Form) drops from the Shukaka boss. Naruto fans will have seen that coming. There's a pretty slim chance of getting it, with a slightly higher chance to get the item required to upgrade it. Getting one doesn't mean you'll get the other, and you actually need more than one material to manage it.

The upgrade location for the One Tail Transformation in Anime Fighting Simulator X
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Credit: User illquavis in the AFSX Discord

How do I upgrade the One Tailed Transformation in Anime Fighting Simulator X? - Upgrade location

Once you have both the AFSX One Tail Transformation and a stack of ten One Tail Shards, you need to take them to the beast's previous user, Gora, to the far east of the Desert Island fast travel point.

The game's developers were gracious enough to make a map detailing the path and the character model to look out for above.

How to get One Tail Shards in AFSX


If you're in need of more One Tail Shards to upgrade your One Tailed Transformation in Anime Fighting Simulator, just look for more opportunities to take on the Shukaka boss fight.

We have boss locations, respawn times, and drop rates detailed in our AFSX boss locations page. Give it a look.

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