Apex Legends players outline buffs and nerfs they want to see in Season 18

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Screenshot of Apex Legends Horizon and Apex Legends Revenant
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Maintaining a level playing field in Apex Legends can be a tricky task for Respawn Entertainment. With a wide variety of Legends to choose from and each of them relying on unique abilities to gain the upper hand, those that end up performing a little too well can quickly begin to stand out from the crowd.

As attention moves towards the launch of Season 18, some players believe a popular map could be destroyed soon, while others are hoping the new season addresses a glitch that's allowing people to clip inside walls.

Before the developers share more information on what the new season has in store, players are discussing which Legends they think could be in line for buffs and nerfs.

Apex Legends Season 18 Legend balancing

Kicking off the debate, Reddit user That2ntrovrt asked their fellow Apex players: "Who are you hoping gets buffed or nerfed this upcoming season?"

They added: "Personally, I'd like Ash to get buffed heavily. Maybe even two tactical changes and (an increase to the range of her ultimate attack)."

Judging by the comments on the post, there are plenty of Legends players want Respawn Entertainment to adjust. One player argued: "I would love for a Crypto quality of life change (that allows him to) see the 'x Squads Nearby' (without using his) drone."

Alongside changes to Crypto, lots of players mentioned another Legend that seemingly requires some tweaks. "(We need some changes to) Caustic, so he can actually be buffed without people complaining," suggested a member of this group, adding: "I would love having sticky traps so you can attach to walls, doors, and ceilings."

Another adjustment expected to take place is Revenant Reborn. This long-awaited rework of Revenant is likely to bring the Legend in line with the rest of the roster, much to the excitement of players waiting for the new season to begin.

The prospect of adjustments to Crypto and Ash could result in changes to the meta, but we'll have to wait and see until Respawn Entertainment has up its sleeve.


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