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we have worked with Lustrous Chemistry on a variety of teacher and artist training, education and arts projects. we rely on Lustrous Chemistry for the best in creative ideas and artistic surprises, real attention to detail and always making sure that jobs are seen through to the end and everyone involved is more than pleased with the results. they always go that bit further. we can’t recommend Lustrous Chemistry highly enough.

Rob Smith - wave arts education agency / bow arts trust

Paul is a highly talented and creatively enthusiastic professional with an orchard full of interesting ideas ripe for harvesting. his video and artistic direction for the Sleeps in Oysters video was executed perfectly. it managed to enhance Sleeps in Oyster's offering to the consumer whilst simultaneously highlighting and maintaining the integrity of the SiO brand.

Bruce McClure – director of seed records

Paul is a great artist, and a pleasure to work with - his creative response to a wide range of issues, designs and details ensures a sublime finish to his work, great quality art, interventions, and truly engaging experiences for everyone involved; from colleagues to participants and audiences alike.

Marianne Pape - poole arts development

Paul was instrumental in leading and developing a highly innovative and creative project in our school. his detailed planning and careful consideration of the needs of our children meant the project was a huge success which will be remembered by both children and staff for many years to come. the project involved transforming an area in our building to such an extent that it became completely unrecognizable. magical simply wasn't the word with Paul’s creativity and skills, a previously bland and unassuming space became somewhere fantastic, beyond the realms of all imagination and possibility. the children had never experienced anything like it before. his attention to detail meant that all of their senses were immediately awakened from the second they stepped inside the room. they were transported to another place, another time, another world. their excitement and the quality of the learning that took place means we are very keen to work with Paul again and we look forward to our next adventure!

Mariah Vinney - headteacher

Lustrous Chemistry created a highly effective film as a collaboration with Alexis Kirke and Lola Perrin. Alexis Kirke's digital sound world was beautifully contrasted by Lustrous Chemistry's organic visuals, which worked very well on the big screen. pixilation is usually associated with low quality film, however Lustrous Chemistry used pixilation as an artistic entity, and this created contrast within the film against the light touch elsewhere in the sequence. the use of a constant sea-like image gave unity to this multi-media project; further acoustic composition by Lola was added into some live performances and the three elements of digital sound, live acoustic traditional instruments and film were brought together into one coherent experience by the film. we look forward to further collaborations with Lustrous Chemistry.

Alexis Kirke and Lola Perrin – composers

Paul Hearn provided titles for a concert of electroacoustic music at the immersive vision theatre, university of plymouth in 2007. Paul was extremely professional and attentive to the creative goals of the project. he completed the titles well in advance of the deadline allowing rehearsals to run smoothly. he provided me with a number of original images to chose from and the titles were very well received by audience members. I would definitely work with Paul in the future due to his creativity and professionalism.

Hilary Mullaney - composer