Final Fantasy XIV x Fall Guys crossover announced!

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Fall Guys Final Fantasy XIV
Credit: Mediatonic

Final Fantasy XIV fans are swimming in good news, and while not as impactful as others, including the announcement that the game is coming to Xbox, and of course the reveal of the fifth major expansion, Dawntrail, a new FFXIV x Fall Guys crossover was unveiled at the Fan Fest livestream.

We know Fall Guys has had some wacky or rather unexpected collaborations in the past. They've actually worked with Square Enix before, bringing the iconic 2B from NieR Automata to the battle royale.

What's interesting this time is that not only Fall Guys fans will get access to Final Fantasy XIV cosmetics, but FFXIV will also receive some content in the form of obstacle courses inspired by Mediatonics's smash hit.

FFXIV x Fall Guys Warriors of Light Fame Pass

Titled Warriors of Light Fame Pass, the collaboration between Final Fantasy XIV and Fall Guys will begin on 22 August, ending on 3 October.

The Warriors of Light Fame Pass will include a bunch of skins, emotes, and other rewards for Fall Guys players. Check the reveal trailer down below.

Of course, as mentioned, that's only a small part of this clash of franchises, with Final Fantasy XIV also getting some content.

Final Fantasy XIV Gold Saucer battle royale mode

Starting with patch 6.5, Final Fantasy's iconic Golden Saucer will get a new battle royale mode, with multiple obstacle courses inspired by Fall Guys making their way to FFXIV.

Patch 6.5 is scheduled to hit at some point during early 2024, bringing the obstacle courses with this new update.


That's not the only thing that'll come with patch 6.5. Xbox players will finally be able to try out Final Fantasy XIV, and furthermore, the free version of the MMORPG will now include Stormblood, the game's second major expansion released in 2017.

And that's it! For more on Final Fantasy XIV, check out where to find all mounts in the game and how to ride them.

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