Warzone fans slam apparent increase in hackers, despite ban wave

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Screenshot of Warzone Oz Operator and Captain Price with concerned look
Credit: Activision

There are fewer things more frustrating than encountering a potential hacker during a Warzone match. Often armed with the ability to see through walls or unusually high levels of accuracy, cheaters continue to pop up in Call of Duty's battle royale.

Ahead of Season 5, players dropping into the action have recently been giving their thoughts on the reveal of the Nicki Minaj Operator and a cat skin. Meanwhile, some have branded the game as "unplayable", despite efforts to address server performance.

Just before the next seasonal update goes live, players are currently slamming an apparent sudden influx of cheaters, shortly after Activision revealed a ban wave had taken place.

Warzone hacker increase despite bans

During the final weekend of Season 4 Reloaded, one user took to Reddit in an attempt to determine if others were also encountering more potential hackers than usual.

They claimed: "I ran into at least 10 (all reported) and what do you know, I get a message saying that they have all been confirmed to be hacking and got banned!"

Judging by the comments, other players have also been noticing more cheaters in their matches. One joked: "Cheating/hacking in Plunder...That's embarrassing on a whole new level."

This apparent increase in hackers follows an announcement from Activision revealing that over 10k accounts had been hit by the ban hammer.

In a tweet, the published suggested that more than 14k accounts had been affected by the wave of bans. Although this marks another step in the fight against cheating in Warzone, news of more cases of hacking potentially plaguing the game is far from ideal.

On a more positive note, seeing the Reddit user seemingly receive confirmation of bans is a sign Activision's reporting system is functioning as intended.


Typically, the arrival of a new season in Warzone can trigger an increase in the number of cheaters being reported. Let's hope Ricochet is firing on all cylinders and ensures a smooth experience for legitimate players looking to become the last one standing.

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