Baldur’s Gate 3 player polls suggest there’ll be plenty of Drow running around at launch

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A Drow in Baldur's Gate 3.
Credit: Larian Studios.

While many RPG fans have their sights firmly set on the release of Starfield in September, Baldur’s Gate 3 has also been earning a lot of attention ahead of its full release this week.

Promising plenty of cool quests and battles, the game, which has been in early access since late 2020, is bound to attract a legion of loyal PC players upon arrival.

With a wide range of races and classes to choose between, these would-be adventurers will be facing some tough decisions when putting together the ideal build for their first playthrough. A couple of recent polls are helping to shed some light on how they’re currently leaning race-wise.

Have you already decided what your first build in Baldur’s Gate 3’s full release will look like?

The most recent of these, put together by Reddit user Tibatong93, has surveyed just over 1.9k players as of writing, gathering their picks as to the race they’ll be going for when they jump into the game on August 3.

Currently leading the way are the Drow with 318 votes (16.7% of the total), closely followed by the Half Elves on 272 (14.3%), which in turn hold a relatively narrow lead over Dragonborn on 225 (11.8%).

Bringing up the rear are the Githyanki with a tiny total of 63 votes (3.3%) that just about mirrors the size of their noses, while Humans sit firmly mid-pack, tied for fifth with Half Orcs, on a score of 187 votes (9.8%).

These results are remarkably similar to the race-based element of another recent poll on the subreddit, put together by another Reddit user, Fable_Nova, which amassed just over 5k votes. The Drow also came out on top in that survey too, amassing 572 votes (18.2%), to once again top the Half Elves and Dragonborn.

If you’re wondering how the Drow have emerged as what looks to be a unanimous top choice among players, those who’ve commented on the poll have suggested a number of potential reasons for the trend.

“It's all about the reactivity,” argued user Moifaso, explaining: “Drow, Tieflings, and Dragonborn get a lot of special dialogue and reactions.”


Others suggested that nerfs by Larian to Humans and Half-Elves are the reason behind the sudden popularity of Drow, having led players like Reddit user Adubuu to make the jump in order to gain their “superior darkvision and free perception skill,” in addition to the conversational flourishes.

Regardless of which race you’re planning to play as in Baldur’s Gate 3, make sure to follow us for guides to its settings, mechanics, and mods.

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