Call of Duty announces Operator for iconic PlayStation character

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Screenshot of Lara Croft pulling back arrow and Call of Duty Captain Price pointing gun at ground
Credit: Square Enix / Activision

Call of Duty has teamed up with a variety of celebrities and TV series so far. The most recent of these collaborations involved Amazon Prime's The Boys and resulted in superheroes appearing in Warzone and Modern Warfare 2.

As attention turns to the start of Season 5, the arrival of Nicki Minaj as an Oprator has divided players, while recent leaks claim the new battle royale map will contain some classic locations from previous titles.

Alongside the a trio of famous rappers, publisher Activision has also unveiled another crossover it has in the works. This time around Call of Duty is embarking on its first collaboration with another prominent video game series.

Call of Duty Lara Croft crossover

Within a recent PlayStation blog, Activision revealed plans to join forces with Tomb Raider. After uncovering the news, user Super_Gap_8362 headed to Reddit and, judging by the comments on their post, the prospect of Lara Croft arriving is an exciting one to players.

"At least she ain't a real-world celebrity or a superhero. I think she might actually fit Call of Duty," said one in the thread.

Other players are wondering which version of Tomb Raider's main protagonist will appear in multiplayer and the battle royale, with one suggesting: "Hopefully the bundle will have skins of both her reboot and classic appearances!"

Screenshot of Call of Duty player walking in darkness while carrying gun
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Credit: Activision
Would Lara Croft fit into the Call of Duty universe?

While some are hoping for a version of Lara Croft from an existing Tomb Raider game to appear in a store bundle, players think the crossover has an ulterior motive. One suggested: "The sad part is it's probably going to be the Phoebe Waller-Bridge one from the upcoming Amazon series."

Information on the arrival of Lara Croft in Call of Duty remains scarce. The prospect of characters from other video games is an interesting one, especially given that Microsoft currently looks set to acquire Activision Blizzard.

Once the deal is complete, is there a chance Call of Duty joins forces with the likes of Gears of War and Halo? We'll have to wait and see.

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