COD Mobile Season 7 battle pass - Price, rewards, and more

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Screenshot of COD Mobile players firing guns
Credit: Tencent

Season 7 of COD Mobile is right around the corner, much to the excitement of fans. Activision has already put out a trailer and an announcement for the upcoming season, which gave us a quick sneak peek of the COD Mobile Season 7 Heat Wave battle pass.

The new season, titled ‘Heat Wave,’ is all set to bring new content ranging from the Striker 45 to patch notes containing the latest buffs and nerfs. As per the official trailer, this season will see the epic character Ajax as an ice cream man with a matching M13 skin. And the battle pass has much more to offer.

With that being said, here’s a list of rewards that players can unlock as they progress through the tiers. Only the noteworthy rewards have been included.

COD Mobile Season 7 Heat Wave battle pass free rewards

All players can access this version of the battle pass. These rewards are open for everyone to unlock and claim.

  • Tier 14 - Tac-Deploy Operator Skill
  • Tier 21 - Striker 45 SMG
  • Tier 50 - SKS - On the Trail

In addition to this, players can earn COD Points, weapon blueprints, skins, and more.

COD Mobile Season 7 Heat Wave battle pass premium rewards

cod mobile season 7 2023 heat wave battle pass
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Credit: Call of Duty blog

Players who wish to unlock exclusive rewards can choose to upgrade their battle pass. The premium rewards are the ones that appear ‘locked’ on the battle pass.

The premium battle pass costs 220 CP, which unlocks all the free and premium rewards. Players can also choose to buy the battle pass bundle for 520 CP, which unlocks the first 25 tiers.

Operator skins

  • Ajax - Ice cream man
  • Woods - Fun in the Sun
  • Baker - Underwater
  • Adler - Lifeguard
  • Urban Tracker - Fly High

Weapon skins

  • Striker 45 Tropical Fun
  • M13 Cold Cream
  • CBR4 Shark Watch
  • Locus Crustacean Blue
  • JAK-12 Winged Steel
  • Oden Road Trip

Towards the end of the official battle pass, there’s an announcement - the Elite of the Elite battle pass from the 2021 season is back in the BP vault. Players who want weapon or operator skins from that season can claim them.

COD Mobile season 7 will go live on August 2nd at 5 PM PT. Call of Duty: Mobile is available at Google Play Store and App Store and is free to download.

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