Baldur's Gate 3 - How to cancel actions

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A character with crossed arms in Baldur's Gate 3.

The game doesn't specifically state how to do it, so let's look at how to cancel actions in Baldur’s Gate 3. When you are in Baldur’s Gate 3’s turn-based combat mode, you get a fixed amount of movements and actions per turn. When starting off with the game, it is normal for players to make mistakes and try and revert them.

Whether it’s a movement action or a spell you misclicked on, there is a way to cancel the action and start a different action. You need to be mindful of where you position and launch your attacks from, as enemies might be able to dodge your actions or even kill you if you are out of position.

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How to cancel movement actions in Baldur’s Gate 3

When your turn starts, there are three types of actions that you can take: movement actions, extra actions, and combat actions (melee or magic). If you click on a character accidentally and trigger a movement action, you will be asked to spend a part of your action bar to commit to relocating.

Right-clicking usually cancels most actions, but if the movement action you selected cannot be canceled, you can choose to traverse a very short distance instead. This will allow you to use as little of your action bar as possible and save it for other actions.

A bard in Baldur's Gate 3.
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How to cancel combat actions in Baldur’s Gate 3

Some actions cannot be cancelled at all, as they take place immediately. But if you try to cast a spell or skill, you can simply right-click or click on a different Companion and it will cancel the action.

Channelling spells cannot be stopped once you begin channelling. You can cancel the cast and change the targets during your turn, but you will not be able to stop channelling the spell until you use it. This might change once the game goes out of Early Access, but it does not look lIke Larian Studios will allow you to cancel such actions once you have committed to them.

Here are some tips, so you don’t have to cancel actions and waste your precious action bar meter:

  • Try to use flanking to your advantage in order to have a higher success rate of landing your attacks or spells
  • Break the line of sight if you are trying to dodge enemy attacks
  • Make sure you use the Disengage key if you want to get away from enemies after making a mistake
  • Try to maintain distance if you are using ranged characters as they are very squishy

That is all you need to know about cancelling actions in Baldur’s Gate 3. For more content, our list of the best Baldur’s Gate 3 weapons. We also have a guide on the Wrath mechanic if you want to find out how it works.

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