Home Button on iPad Not Working? Here’s the Fix!

What To Know

  • If your iPad Home button isn't working, try basic troubleshooting steps first.
  • If your Home button is stuck, remove your case and clean the Home button.
  • To use your iPad without the Home button, you can enable an on-screen Home button in Accessibility settings.

Why has your Home button stopped working on your iPad? You may need to update your software, reset your settings, or give the Home button a good cleaning. We'll show you how to get your iPad's Home button responding again. 

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Basic Troubleshooting for iPad Home Button Not Working

Your iPad's Home button is super important; you use it to navigate and unlock your iPaduse Touch ID, press and hold to activate Siri, and more. So, if your iPad Home button stops working, you really need to fix the problem. Fortunately, basic iPad troubleshooting steps can often fix the problem for you.

  1. First, update your iPad to the latest iPadOS available. 
  2. If you've already done that, try to force restart your iPad. You won't be able to force restart if the button is completely non-functional.
  3. In that case, just turn off your iPad without using buttons, then turn it back on again.
  4. If restarting doesn't help, reset all settings on your iPad. 

How to Fix a Stuck iPad Button

If you have an unresponsive iPad Home button, it may be because of the case, screen protector, or other accessory that you've added on. Take off your iPad case and any other accessories, then turn your iPad screen down and gently tap the back above the Home button to dislodge and remove debris. Now, test the Home button again to see if it works. If so, that was an easy fix! If not, it's time to clean the Home button.

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You can clean your iPad, including the Home button, with a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe. This should remove any grime or sticky substances that are preventing the Home button from working. If you see dried debris, especially bits of sand or other small particles in the small gap between your iPad's Home button and the outer shell, use a dry, soft-bristled toothbrush to extract the grit from the crevice. Then, use a Q-Tip moistened with isopropyl alcohol to rub on and around the Home button to remove any remaining debris. 

How to Use an iPad without the Home Button

Is the Home button not working on your iPad even after you've cleaned it? That means you'll need a workaround, something to replace that iPad Home button while you check in with Apple Support to learn if your Home button is stuck or has stopped working because of a hardware problem. Luckily, you can use Assistive Touch to replace your broken iPad Home button. 

  1. Open the Settings app.

    open settings app if home button in ipad not working
  2. Tap Accessibility, then tap Touch.

    tap accessibility then touch if home button in ipad not working.PNG
  3. Tap Assistive Touch, then toggle on Assistive Touch.

    toggle on assistive touch if home button in ipad not working
  4. Now you'll see a gray button on the screen; that's your new Home button, which works in vertical or horizontal orientation. Tap it, and you'll see a menu of Home button options. Tap Home, and you'll have an on-screen Home button that you can use as you did the physical version.

    tap the on screen home button if home button in ipad not working.PNG
  5. I hope by now that your iPad Home button is working again. Remember to subscribe to our free Tip of the Day for more great iPad tutorials! 


  • What do I do if my iPhone or iPad won't turn on? If your iPhone or iPad won't turn on, it may have water damage, or you may need to restart it or check for charging issues. 
  • My iPad keyboard isn't working; how can I fix it? If your iPad keyboard is not working and is Bluetooth, check the Bluetooth connection. You can also force quit whatever app you're working in, restart and update your iPad, and reset your keyboard dictionary.
  • iPad sound not working? If sound is not working on your iPad, make sure Do Not Disturb or Focus modes aren't causing the problem, and that your iPad isn't muted. You can also check Bluetooth settings, and reset your Network Settings. 
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